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Current Projects

Shelmat Enterprises Ltd for the SIMBlock Project

The current phase in SIMBlock development has separated the manual production of interlocking blocks, concentrating on moulding design, and the automation side of the process, which will be a combination of structural, mechanical and electrical engineering processes applied to the underlying granular dynamics of a situation.

The original proof-of-concept was too under-resourced to use rams with sufficient power to make blocks. The next phase will require the completion of the solution to the problems of block composition, compaction and release.

This process will eventually be connected to a tailored version of ArchAid.

Crucial Analytics Ltd for Commercial Real Estate

The approach to risk analysis applied by Crucial Analytics is a generic one. In this implementation, the analytic approach is applied to the cash flow from CRE investment and to risk adjusted valuation of debt underwritten by CRE collateral. This analysis can apply the risk tolerance of the investor to the optimisation of risk and return in the investment process. It explores the impact of lease events probabilities on the fluctuating economic environment determined by a Monte Carlo stochastic analysis. 

Generic Risk Analysis

There are many other unrelated problems that could be addressed through this analytical process. It has already been briefly explored in internal business risks and in the uncertainties of human behaviour patterns when trying to develop long term stable partnerships.

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