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The Story

What We Do

Fifield Software Systems specialises in solving less straightforward problems. We then pass on the solutions and the associated IP to the client company. To assess our potential for doing this, it is best to examine our track record.

Principal areas in which we have been active are as follows:

Various combinations of the above


FSS started in 1984. Some of our main projects are listed below. The founder came from an academic background starting as one of an elite R & D team of four, brought over from Dept Physical Chemistry to the Dept of Biochemistry by Rex Richards at Oxford University in 1970. His research career started by providing software for NMR spectrum analysis and a spectrometer control system for a new generation of superconducting NMR systems. He was given a very promising, newly developed UK computer with a government condition on an SRC research grant to provide all the basic software required as it had no operating system, no high level compilers or even the most basic software to perform multiplication, division, information display of any kind or any type of disk handling for data storage.

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